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BYemail Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question regarding email campaigns?

How long does it take to get my account setup?

Once you submit our request form, a ByEmail consultant will contact you to complete the process. Generally, your base account will be up and running within 1 business day.

Once my account is setup can I manage it myself?

Absolutely, you will be given total control over your account to use how you like. There are no restrictions on your account, as long as you comply to the anti spam act your good to use it how ever you like.

Your pricing states that there are no rental or subscription costs, is this correct?

Absolutely, unlike other email marketing services ByEmail will not charge you any monthly fees or servicing costs. You will only have to pay when you wish to send a campaign. 

Can you configure our account like import subscribers, set the preferences and options for us?

Sure can. We have set a couple of different sign up options for you to choose from, this information is displayed on our pricing page.

Design, Billing and Reports

How does ByEmail work with my website?

Once you have created a subscription list in your account you can generate a form to place on your website, we can also help with this. When people visit your website they can signup to your newsletters and the results get stored directly into your database (no user handling required).
Also, once you start sending out email campaigns you can also display these newsletters on your website for visitors to see them.

I want our email newsletter to look like our website, can you do this for us?

Certainly, We provide custom templates for our clients and load them directly into your account so you can concentrate on running your business. It's important that your company branding is strong and consistent across all marketing mediums. Take a look at our template services page for more options and prices


I need to send an email to multiple Subscriber Lists at the same time. Some people are in 2 or more lists. Will they get duplicate emails?

No. We automatically take care of this issue.

How many bounced email addresses are normal?

The first mailing to an opt-in list typically experiences a 20% bounce back rate, so don't be alarmed if yours is in that range. Once you have sent your first campaign your bounce rate will reduce dramatically.

I get an average of 20% email open rates is this ok?

Yeah, its about average, it all depends on what type of email your sending: Government, design and real estate related emails usually have higher open rates then eCommerce or regular event related emails. Open rate is a measure of how many people on an email list open (or view) a particular email campaign. The open rate is normally expressed as a percentage. It is important to understand that the open rate is not a 100% accurate measure. Very few lists of reasonable size are getting much above 50% open rates from normal campaigns. Your list may have some specific factors that give you higher rates; if so, well done. However, don't expect to be getting 80% open rates.

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ByEmail is a email newsletter software platform with powerful features and an easy to use interface that provides you
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